Product Tracking System

Product Manager & Web Developer Brandsfever Jan - May 2015
Django, Python, HTML, Redis, Shell

Brandsfever is an e-commerence startup company located in Singapore. Every department was still advancing in exploration when I joined the company. One of the key functionalies that missing was order tracking for customers. This product tracking system is desigend to track the order processing information and proivde timely updates to custormiers with order status.

As one of the core team members in development, I was responsible for extracting requirements from other departments (e.g. business development department, accounting department and logistic department), product design, and implementation.

Campaign life cycle

There are multiple stakeholders participating in one campaign life cycle. The buyers, from business development department, responsible for contacting suppliers. After the contract is confirmed and prepared, the campaign will be online for 7 days. This is the time frame customers could purchase products in that campaign. After the campaign is finished, orders will be sent to suppliers so that they can confirm the availability of the products by sending back invoices. Only after they received the payment of the orders, will products be dispatched from their warehouse, most of which are located oversea. So there are many steps before the order being delivered to the customer. The communication between stakeholders, however, are mostly manually conducted by email, which result in sever delays in the whole process and further leads to bad shopping experience.

campaign life cycle

The original process causes several problems:

campaign life cycle

The system has been improved by taking over the ineffective communication between internal staff and external suppliers, as shown in the figure above.

  1. Purchase orders are automatically generated and sent over to buyer and supplier when the campaign is end.
  2. Supplier uploads invoices to system instead of email to supplier.
  3. Supplier proposes payment instead of buyers. After the accounting team approving the payment, system will automatically push payment to the bank account.
  4. Supplier upload shipment tracking information into system.
  5. Order adds two more status.

Supplier Front Office

Supplier front office provides an platform for suppliers to login to the system, upload invoices, request payment, and update shipment. They can also check the product sale status through the supplier front office. The compaign list page shows all the campaigns that belongs to a particular supplier, and listed out the most important information including campaign status, payment status and shipment information. Supplier could download/upload product description files, make payment proposals in each campaign details page.

front office
Email Notification System

In the figure of the campaign life cycle, email notification is an essential component in the workflow. We have set several rules to trigger emails to be sent to corresponding recipients under matching circumstances. Emails can be classified into two categories:

email notification