Course Registration System

Product Manager & Web Developer Georgia Trauma Foundation Aug - Dec 2015
Agile Project Management PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Github, WordPress, Trello

Our client, Georgia Trauma Foundation (GTF), is an non-profit organization with a mission to support the trauma system of Georgia primarily through research, while utilizing research insights to drive education and injury prevention. In 2016, they are planning to host and teach about 10 courses to professionals. Therefore, we developed a course registration module to be plugged into their existing website. Instructors can create and edit courses and track attendence. Students can search, browser, view and register courses.

As a product manager, I am responsible for tracking and coordinating our development progress and contacting with our client to make sure a transparent and efficient communciation.

Requirement we care about clients, as well as users

Our client provided us the general requirements, we analyzed them and decomposited the requirements in more details. We also took user stories into consideration in order to provide a better user experience and prioritized the requirements. After that, client requirements and user stories are converted to product functionalities that we need implement.

gtf requirements

The detailed requirements and corresponding product functionalities are as follows:

gtf functionalities
User Workflow our goal is to help users reach theirs

The system is made up of two main components, the student frontend page and the course management tool for instructors. Based on goals of each user group, there are several key workflows. For students, their main tasks are:

student workflow

As instructors, they need an administration panel to manage student and course information. Their main tasks are:

instructors workflow

Implementation done is better than perfect plans

The website of GTF is built on WordPress framework, which is implemented using PHP language. In order to keep the system consistent, we decided to build the course registration system as WordPress plugin on their existing website. WordPress plugin allows us to modify and add functionalities, as well as customize the interfaces.

frontend backend
Project Management when time limits, keeping your eyes on key features

However, due to the time limitation and relatively deep learning curve of WordPress plugin development, which is brand new to all of us, we have to focus on the top priority features of the system. In each sprint meeting and report, we have to align ourselves to the right track. In this project, we were using Trello to record our progress. When initializing tasks, we kept referring back to the requirements so that we could focus on our goals. At the end of each sprint (usually two to four weeks), we summarized what have been finished, what are the problems in this stage, and what we are going to achieve in the next sprint. The task cards would be moved under one of corresponding categories of Backlog, Next, In Progress, Staged, Approved. Following is a snapshot of Trello at the end of sprint 4.